"My Dead Ex" on Go90

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Watch the trailer for "My Dead Ex" HERE and watch the entire series on Go90 HERE!

My first television series ever, I had the honor to assist costume designer Courtney Stern for two crazy months! Unfortunately, now my standards are very high for tv shows, because this cast and crew were a beautiful family from start to finish.

Here are some of my favorite moments that I take special pride in.

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*Baby pink Zara suits distressed and dirtied by yours truly, for that "just crawled out of a grave" look.

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*The best Amazon find ever: a light up, musical Christmas sweater. I rigged up the switch pack with a fabric pouch so it was easy access for Ben to turn on when the time came.

*Charlie's father's painting flannel was splattered with my artist roommate's paints as he worked. Doesn't get more realistic than that!

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*Another distressing and multiplying task, I made multiples of these bullet hole tees, which then were digitally enhanced in post production.

*While most of the alterations for this show were done on set by me, the cast favorite by far was Eleanor's blue denim jacket. Strewn with vintage pins, the backside was also embellished with neon yellow zig-zag embroidery to make the alteration job a little more fun.

*Mason's Zombie Homecoming suit took a bit more time than the other distressing jobs, including about 6 different tools to shred it just right. Whatever it takes to get the girl, I suppose!

*An homage to my high school days, I got to make a ton of flower head crowns for the Homecoming cast. The most special one by far was Charlie's, dainty and sweet just like she originally wanted Homecoming to be.

I'll leave you with this, because I don't want to spoil just everything for you! The end you'll have to watch on your own. 

Cassidy Cooper