Paper Cranes


HAT: Boutique


EARRINGS: Boutique

BOTTOM: Thrifted

BELT: Thrifted


I've been pretty lucky with my thrifting finds for a while now, not to jinx myself. I guess that's what I get though, for having visited the entirety of Ventura and Los Angeles counties' bounty of Goodwills.

These striped pants are yet another go-to cozy pant in my closet. I'm pretty grateful these are on trend because they're easy to find (usually just men's pajama pants, just roll the hem and they look like Urban Outfitters.. let's be honest).  It's a running joke that I have too many striped cozy pants, as well as cups from Goodwill. Sorry roommates, I'm addicted and I will not stop buying cups.

This green army belt was also thrifted. You're going to read that a lot on this blog. These pants, especially in combination with the leather cap, definitely makes this outfit fall into the menswear category, and I wanted to add something a bit grungier to what is generally a very clean cut trend. The belt was my solution for this, also pulling tones from the embroidered cranes and not leaving this outfit in complete color neutrality. 

Ultimately, I was just really comfortable in this outfit. 


Shoutout to Forever21 for always having great shoes that surprisingly aren't uncomfortable. 

I always joke that I learned my true shoe size from Forever21, but it's pretty true because their sizes don't vary like many other cheaper brands when the material or cut changes.

If there ever was a sweater to live in, and I mean LIVE in, it would be this one. 

I like working on a tight budget whether I need to or not and this $50 splurge was really nagging me to keep the tags on and receipt close by. It was cold though (for California) and the ultra coziness folded in the corner was too tempting to reject- so I cut the strings and let myself fall in love.

For your self-cuddling pleasure (refer to example in photo above), I found it online for you just in case you would also like to fall in love. 

This is pretty much all you'll see me in until California fights back again with 90 degree 'Winter' weather. 

Cassidy Cooper