New Old Neutrals


TOP: Boutique, cropped

JEWELRY: Boutique

PANTS: Thrifted Tommy Bahamas

BELT: Boutique

BOOTS: Going West Boot by FP x Matisse

I'm a firm believer that shoes can make or break an outfit, and these Matisse boots never fail to MAKE the outfit.

My snakeskin print collection is growing quickly. I have to double check myself to make sure I'm not overdoing it and looking like something shed that had come to life, but these patterned boots get me feeling just extra enough without looking crazy. I mean, everyone could use a good wildcard shoe.


It's the reign of thrifted high waisted cozy pants! If I'm being honest, there's very little in life that is better than cozy pants.

I used to be a pattern hoarder- in my closet; on my body- but I've been spending time with two people who are fans of minimalism (Hello Mina and Christian), and I've taken the much needed hint. Sometimes simple outshines anything that's overdone, not to mention it also allows you as an individual to shine rather than being in the shadows of excess.

Adding some Dylan Lex inspired jewels, a fringe concho belt and patterned shoes was the avant-garde side of me coming to play. Balance is key.

Cassidy Cooper