On Trend | Suit Up

Up until the 19th century men's suits were complicated, heavy, costume like pieces. Recently have worked on an 18th century inspired short film, I can vouch for that first hand! English designer Beau Brummell was the visionary that took the ornate menswear norm and tailored it into what we still see today as the basis for the modern suit. 

The 19th century was also a revolutionary time for women's 'menswear,' incorporating suit-like jackets into sportswear and eventually into every day life. Coco Chanel took this concept and ran with it, creating her first suit in 1914.


Suits worn by women became a symbol for feminism and rebellion of societal norms around the world, from England to Mexico.

It was in the 1960's that French designer André Courrèges introduced the woman's tailored pantsuit, revolutionizing the women's menswear trend past casual wear and into a more sophisticated look.


Wartime in the 20th century forced designers to use different fabrics for their clothing, since the sturdier textiles were used for military uniforms. This opened doors to experimentation and eventually led into the 1960's, which brought a new level of playfulness to the history of the suit.

Preppy and bold, many of my personal favorite suit textiles stem from the 1960's and on- But no matter what the color or pattern, the ideal modern suit really all boils down to having that perfect fit.

Cassidy Cooper