Welcome home. Here you will find galleries of my photography, styling work, and graphic design.


A little history about myself, so you can get to know the girl behind the lens…

My first “job” was as a session singer and songwriter for TV & film from ages 11-19, and from that began a forever journey as a working artist. While I still do sing and write, after those first 10 or so years of professionally creating music I felt it was time to explore something new.

As a quick addition to some of my surrealist paintings I was selling at a craft fair, I made a few pieces of jewelry, and unexpectedly jewelry design became my next big love. Through jewelry designing I found that what I had the most fun with was styling the lookbooks, and after a few years of running that business and learning marketing by being thrown into the deep end, I decided it was time for yet another big change.

Styling was and is one of my deepest passions. From redesigning everything in my closet to creating actual costumes for school projects, it ran deep through my veins before I even realized it. Fashion will forever mold my life, and with that an eye for overall beauty & aesthetics. Working as a stylist for magazines, freelance photographers, and boutiques, as well as working my way through TV & film as a costumer (Local 705), largely molded my way of seeing fashion through a lens.

Only about a year ago did I seriously pick up a camera again. With the help of friends and other artists I was able to explore a new way to view of the world around me, be it for fashion or for the sake of simply capturing people as people. As photography being my current forefront passion, I’m excited to share with you how much my work has grown and how lucky I’ve been to be able to capture so many people I admire.

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your passions through my lens next.

xx Cassidy